Worshipful Masters Message

Greetings from the East!

I would like to thank the brethren for bestowing the duties of Worshipful Master, a second time upon me for the 2021 term of this storied lodge. It is an honor and privilege to lead this Lodge as so many distinguished men have done in the past.
Our objective this year will pick up where we left off in the early months of 2020, which is to establish ways to communicate to our members more effectively so that the Lodge can hear from our members, and the members hear from the Lodge. And as such, it is important that the Lodge has your contact information, so please be sure to notify the Lodge of your current phone number, address, and email addresses.

Soon, we will be looking to update our website and Facebook page. Assistant in these endeavors is needed, and any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

We are also looking to team with our friends at Odenton Lodge # 209 and Milling Lodge, to begin a Lodge of Instruction, to be held monthly. This will be an excellent opportunity to engage in masonic connections and better learn our craft.
And as we look to better reach out to you, we also look to make men better, and make masons. And therefore, in the circle of your acquaintance, should you know someone desirous of becoming a mason, and are convinced he will conform to our rules, simply listen for the sign. With your help in this regard, our Lodge will grow, and our communities at large convinced of its good effects.

Fraternally Yours,
David “Jake” Jacobson